When the mist rises & the smiling-Man comes walking, Stick to the "Small Spaces"

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I chanced upon this piece while I was looking through the Winter of the witch Trilogy. I must say that the blub of this book specifically attracted me. It had that unmistakable creepy aura that used to haunt my senses while I watched the Goosebumps T.V. series or a Classic Disney horror film. That said I had to read this at any cost. Here is how it goes.

The Plot:

Set in a Decrepit Little town (of course all the spooky things happen outside the bustle) a story of a little girl who has lost her mother and is patiently slipping out of any company as well as she could. I won't bore you with the details of how she likes to stay alone and her usual days and other gibberish but this, she likes books and I start liking her. Although I must say that the concept of the broken child suffering from loss is not really a unique topic but let's see what comes. A genius as she is Ollie doesn't care about anything anymore and she likes the natures and the outside world, an adventurous trait she gathered from her mother and the beautiful eyes of her father, her soul is in a constant tumult that's why she has locked herself into books with permission to enter is not freely given.

Her mental tumult turns into a real haunt when she finds her way into the story of Small Spaces, stolen from a seemingly mad woman who was dumping it into the river. Her bookish soul couldn't allow the sin to happen. Into the pages of the flimsy thin book, she learns about a past haunted with memories of a wife, a mother, and a woman who died.

“When the mist rises, and the smiling man comes walking, you must avoid large places at night. Keep to small.” ―Katherine Arden, Small Space

Olivia, shhh Ollie (only her mother calls her Olivia) comes to terms with the smiling man and his pestilence, the pact he makes, and the disappearances. Creepy but never really thought Ollie. little did she know what her fate has in store for her? Venturing on a school trip the class of six graders stranded in a farm isolated from civilization and a broken bus.

“Best get moving. At nightfall, they’ll come for the rest of you.” ― Katherine Arden, Small Spaces

Ignorant to the authenticity of town-lore about Small Spaces the realization suddenly dawns on Ollie and she ventures on an adventure of the netherworld only aided by the city girl Coco and the boy scout Brian. They have to survive the mystery and the supernatural tyrant in a farm crawling with zombie scarecrows with garden forks for hands.

There are moments when you think that an evil guy and his minions? what new is in that, not exactly new but the feeling is good. it brings me good memories from the pumpkin heads of Goosebumps. The chase and the adventure is surely a catch to look out for.

A very easy read but surely enjoyable. It was slightly soothing after going on a binge of classics and other intense topics.

Enough of comparing with other movies and books.

This is what I think about this book:

Small spaces is a typical Halloween-town fiction that ensnares your senses and makes you follow the storyline at a close crop. It is a story that has a good plot, solid characters, and something I would definitely like to see be converted into a movie if it's not already been done.

The narration is lucid and makes sure you never lose your way or even get bored as to that measure. I would say that small space is a story to which I will keep returning to feel that nostalgic horror-comfort, if you know what I mean (The feeling you get while sitting and watching Halloween town, Sleepy hollow for the hundredth time with popcorn and dimmed lights)

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