Vengeance seeks the Avenger, A worthy read for adventure seekers on a thrilling ride to justice

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The Avenger by Frederick Forsyth

A veteran from the Vietnam War who found his new life in the world of academics and law. An industrious lawyer, Cal Dexter has everything he needs, none of the ravages of the war, all the love from his wife and daughter and a steady and paying job. What more could one ask for?

Everything seemed bright on the sunny side of America when his daughter got herself entrapped in the clutches of malign underworld. Missing for months, one day Cal finds out her daughter had not only been maligned but also killed. Lying in some ditch of the country lines, Cal Dexter couldn't take in the pain, so much more than the bullet from their special splitting magnum, pain so much more than any wound he had received while in the trenches of Vietnam.

Vengeance was sweet when in a murderous rage and cold critical thinking he dragged the murderer of his daughter and made peace with his own conscience by annihilating the racketeer.

How long does the wishful happiness of vengeance last? For Cal Dexter, no long. On returning from his vengeful mission, found his wife to have succumbed in grief from the unbearable loss.

Immersed in total loss and anxiety, Cal's life looms in front of him. Leaving his life, job and everything he held dear, he moves to imbue himself into the dark alley of a vigilante, The Avenger on hire to seek justice when the state has given up when all is for nought he is the man for the job.

Skip to a later part, in a later world. The Grandson of the mining magnate Stephen Edmonds dies miserably killed in cold blood by a mafia leader from the Serbio-Croat war. With the impetus to move governments and money to finance through everything, Edmond seeks the aid of Avenger when no other path is left open for him in the journey to get his loving grandson to justice.

The premise of the book has been riddled with several different storylines as well as characters. It was hard to navigate through them all and was a mess for some time to get it all in and conjecture where this is going. Everything turns upsy daisy when The Avenger gets enlisted to make the vengeance call on the Serbian anti-nationalist Zoran Zilic. The Serbian Mafia is on a refuge in one lonely peninsula living his best life in a hacienda out in the tropical heat of the Surinam. A self-sustaining villa, an impenetrable fortress, there lays the Serbian gangster in refuge completely cut off from the world and jurisdiction. Will the Avenger be dominant in his game of hunting? Or shall the avenger be buried with the sands of time along with the shark-infested coast?

The book delivers the right amount of adrenaline when the Avenger Cal Sexter sets his foot in the wildlands stalking his prey, his years in the Vietnam tunnels posing as rug rats have made him the most dangerous opponent in a jungle, with his experience and with his intellect he shall stop at no walls. Hold your breath while Dexter pushes through to deliver his objective. Although a little way over the head during the start, the chase puts the story to a jumpstart with a remarkably well-tasked mission and yes with a certain twist in the end which raises eyebrows.


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