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Yes Privateers, did I lose you here? There has and was always different types of pirates and this is what Privateers are,

"an armed ship owned and crewed by private individuals holding a government commission and authorized for use in war, especially in the capture of merchant shipping"

If you are an Anime fan you will be relating these privateers to the Seven Warlords of the Sea from One-Piece. Interesting concepts of the government right? employing common thugs to do their bidding in the name of the King.

Here is such a story where our protagonist is a dapper privateer named Charles Hunter, employed by the government of the Jamaican colony of the British to launch an expedition towards the deadly fortress island of Matanceros.

An Island of doom where resides the Spanish tyrant by the name of Cazalla, whose methods of torture have been known to the world in hearsay. He holds his seat in such an impregnable fortress with a single bay at the front and a mountain to scale as her back-guard.

Thus amongst the stormy seas, attacking Spaniard warships Captain Hunter pushes forth into the sea on his ship Cassandra. Almost betrothed to the kracken, taken down by the raging storms, and multitudes of such dangers throttled Captain Hunter never backs down.

An adventure so dangerous that even pirates are made to kneel, a voyage so exhilarating that can picture the motion picture in your mind. Blood spilled and gruesome journey of privatized pirates to seek their fortune in the seas. Michael Crichton never fails to amaze you with the talent of his imagination. Known to me as a Sci-fi crafter now his brilliant tale of Pirate infested waters shall never leave my mind

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This book was divided into a multifaceted plot-line and I cannot complain a bit about the execution. There is the thrill, there is romance, and every kind of adventure you can imagine. The strategies made and the executions that follow, the cunningness of the men and their opposers all bring in with itself a good Friday night sense of exhilaration that you need. The story is structured in such a way that in no particular way you may befall on the impending climax which hangs limply across the shore. There is a good amount in the section of suspense and deception which is well liked with me. I loved how Mr. Crichton kept it in the correct amount and did not throw away a mystery at every possible turn-around.

The book is imbued with the conventional classic adventure and has all the devices to blast your senses, if the ending doesn't feel arms to you then I do not know what shall. The book develops into a normal victorian tale which leads into the jaws of the most fearsome waters. Mr. Crichton has been critical in altering the plot elements and leaves no stones unturned which might cause you a displeasure. Although people who find themselves too often cornered with an adventure novella up their hands might find some parts conceivable. But? hear me out the climax plays its part in making you feel the good vibes. This story doesn't contain any heroes so if you are a fan of Deadpool jump right in to be told the story of the Privateers and enjoy while their heads stay on their shoulders.

If you believe yourself to be an adventure reader than this is one book of Michael Crichton that you definitely mustn't let pass.

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