The Haunting of Bly Manor, a brilliant Horror-flick series from the Talented Mike Flanagan

Have you read "The turn of a screw" by Henry James?

Yes or No whatever answer you choose, there is something in store On Netflix for you.

There is a new Goth series on Netflix by the creator of Haunting in the Hill house where we see the same actors from its Predecessor series take up the mantle to make the series a worthwhile experience.


The Haunting of Bly Manor

The story is about an au-pair. one seeking freedom from her country, from her past. Maybe that is the reason she has abandoned her job at school, her home in America and everything else to seek herself in London.

What did she find? A job to be a Governess to a pair of lovely children, who are well behaved and sweet as they come. Living in the enormous and lush green Bly Manor the Orphans await their Au-pair.

Dani Clayton the new Au-pair

How good would your life be to live in a sprawling castle with private gardens, a lake, and oh did I forget the woods?

Too good a circumstance for an au -pair it was, but who doesn't want to seek their opening to climb the ladder of life?

The Au-pair you know but the past you don't, what could be the reason to run away from home? from your nation and your habitat. What is it that stalks such that you can never look behind, the fright that grips you when you stare into those eyes from a reflection of past.

Little by little the au-pair came to it, the feeling of distraught within the house, a feeling that cannot be explained and to which help cannot be sought. What would you do when you talk to someone but the aura around the person reflects a different light. What would you do when the darkness surrounds you but doesn't reveal the creature at hand.

The children how sweet and well-mannered they seem but suddenly they jump on her from behind. Are they still struggling with the grief of their dead-parents? Or is it something else that haunts them?

What lies beyond that strata of innocence, what makes the little angels cry? What happened to the Au-pair Before our Jumpy and fleeting Dani makes an entry? Some questions and memories there are in the world which are better unanswered for the good of us all...

The mysterious uncle the first of the Wingraves to make an appearance. The one who interviews Dani & later hires her for the position. What makes him neglect his nephew and niece is a question to be asked. A question to why he doesn't leave his office for the luxuries of his grand apartment at hand. At first assumed to be the classic non-committal uncle but the water deepens along the show and it seems there are more unheard stories to tell.

What haunts the manor, why don't they have a voice, a manor so old in time that it has carried in its bowels a lot of mysteries of the past. Mysterious footsteps in the night striding unheeded and stopping at will. A peek of ghostly and dumb faces all around that you will never know in the night what creeps beyond.

From an unknown era through the unbending time...

she sleeps,

she wakes,

she walks

and whatever comes in between she takes


The house is a gravity pond, where you stay once you fall. A place of the neverending field of attraction where once dead you lose the thing which made you live, Your memories, little by little the memories leave us but do they go away? Perhaps they are tucked away in some corner waiting to be awoken again by their masters.

Like the dead, the memories don't mean away after death, it just means you are in a different realm, a realm of time and not of space where you are the captain, you are the king. Beware because they fade away and all you are left is the fleeting carcass of the remnant strands which bind your sanity to postpone the estrangement for tomorrow perhaps.

From the creator Mike Flanagan this is another masterpiece. I am not comparing this with the book here just for the sake of gravity this series has brought. A brilliant concept borrowed but turned into a jewel which might be the best horror flick of the year 2020. the roles are played adeptly and every second is shrouded in the mysteries. If you are not surprised by the questions I put forward, fear not my friend because there are dozen more shocks awaiting you in the old wing of Bly Manor, crouching behind the bed or leaping from the shadows.

For the people who wish to compare it with The haunting in the Hill house, you may be of the mind that the precursor provided more in terms of personalities as well as horrific occurrences. I would say that the Haunting of Bly Manor is a perfect individually and is not ethically liable to be judged on the basis of how brilliant The Haunting in the Hill House was. It contains enigmatic designs and a marvelous backstory. P.S. the backstory and the unfolding is the best part of this season. So if you need to be judgemental wait till the history is revealed.

A Spellbinding adaptation of an already wonderful story, my recommendation to all the horror lovers, here is your bowl for a weekend's creepy-pasta.


Find the book on amazon "The turn of screw by Henry James"

Watch the movie on Netflix "The Haunting of Bly Manor"

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