The Half giant with a heart full of gold


We all have seen Dumbledore being called the greatest mentor there is. We have seen the love for Sirius when he emerged out of the clutches of the dementors and be the Godfather he should have. We admire Lupin for being the friend Harry had wanted but had never had. We have definitely adored the motherly love of Mrs Weasely and the good hearted

jolly old Mr Weasely. But wait and look around aren't we forgetting someone? Why isn't Hagrid standing in the hall of fame ?

Hagrid the person who stood aside harry like a hairy mountain steadfast, in the mighty gale unflinching while the world fell over. A figure so high and mighty yet yielding the heart of a child. He might have let it slip what he oughtn't to and he might have blamed Codswallop times too much.

appearances vastly confuse us and so you must be, to me nothing seems to be more moving than when Hagrid says to harry, "I was the one to bring you to this house and I shall be the one to take you out" those mighty pearls of radiant tears which trickle down your cheeks might not have been seen by Mad Eye but be sure Hagrid that they touched our soul.

in the darkest of times harry had found your steady harms to hold onto, Like the time when you carried his seeming corpse to the Grounds of Hogwarts to break that Harry's dead. I am sure nobody would have been happier, not Ginny, not Ron, not Hermione and not Proff. McGonagall but You from whose arms he leapt out of his death and into life again.

But how can we forget? He was the father to Harry standing in the shadows and warding off evil the best he could. You were not a gamekeeper Hagrid, you weren't just a teacher in Hogwarts . You were the guardian angel nobody expected but were sure glad to have. You are what you are Hagrid and we are proud.

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