The Day of the Jackal a scintillating chase and mercenary adventure by Frederick Forsyth

Infuriated by the reprieving decisions of Charles De Gaulle in granting freedom to their colonies, there blooms a right-wing to the already existing French nationalists. Enraged at seeing their blood earned soil going out of their hands, a plan is hatched by the secret society of OAS, a plan to assassinate the benevolent President.

Enter Jackal, a phantom out of the gloomy clouds, with a face as cold as steel and stare as black as the night.Supposedly English but does one really know anything about a chameleon shedding its skin for a new identity every now and then. Chameleon by sight but true to the name of Jackal he won't think twice before slitting down your throat for good measure. Vile and Viscious is the narration of the man and his exploits, The jackal is as methodical as the quartz wristwatch and as stringent to his policies as the dogmatic church. He works in the night and plans ahead to take the head of the trophy, President Charles De Gaulle.

Having caught a whiff of the plans being hatched by the OAS, the French secret service has also launched a force, The Action force to foil the plans of the unknown, the Jackal. Only to reach the destination too late and for the jackal to howl at a distance wringing out a shrill laughing smile at his adversaries from the dark.

A tale of brilliant political sabotage, and an adventure from a murderous point of view of a heinous criminal who has no feelings. The book unravels slowly but not mysteriously as our Jackal is always a step ahead of the action force and always in the dark from the greater world. An adventure planned to the last nail, which may make you fail your adrenaline, but never lose interest for a moment as the Jackal plans and decides how the kill should proceed.

The elaborate and scheming Jackal has been wonderfully portrayed unto the point of mastery to the creation of bursting poisonous bullets, one which shan't leave the wound of the victim and not claim his life, one hit across the temple and the head explodes with poison-laced shrapnels launched through the training eye adjusting the might sniper.

You will pass an extenuating sigh when the action force misses the jackal by a hair's breadth and you shall rejoice while the detective discovers a new clue. You shall cry out at the unceremonious coldness emitting from our antagonist and yet be awed by the precision he functions.

A race against time to save the president from the evil looming behind him, one to save their leader while he refuses to sit tight like a coward and moves on campaigning in broad daylight. Will the action force and De Gaulle's tight security be able to shatter through the plans of The Jackal? Or shall it all be for nought and as planned by the menacing mercenary?

A historical thriller that outpaces any of the contemporary ones, the coldness of Jackal gives me the chills all over again every time I think of him, he may not be Hannibal Lecter but he sure is the gravest mercenary I would like to face even across the pages of a desirous book. One of the works of mercenary fiction which gave life to an unfailing villain, The Day of Jackal shall remain to my memory etched on stone, after all when every dog has its Day why shouldn't the Jackal have too?


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