The Da Vinci code

In the labyrinthine corridors of the louver museum there lies some dark corridor where the spread-eagled body of the curator Jaques Saunier is found.

Robert Langdon was sought out at the crime scene because of his knowledge of symbology but what more reason lies in this sudden intersection of paths the famous Dr. of Harvard couldn't have guessed.

The body of Saunier lying in the form of The Vitruvian man stark naked and bloodied with a pentagram drown across his chest there lay the dead old man. Riddled by all the symbology it seemed that Bezu Fache really needed Langdon's help. Upon the riddling Fibonacci scattered all upon the crime scene and a short message saying "P.S. Find Robert Langdon". Sophie Neveu the Police cryptographer meets Langdon and the chase begins.

A chase like no other in search of the unknown. A member of the priory murdered and the chief suspect is Robert. Unknown to the designs of Bezu Robert escapes with the help of Sophie who has another identity yet to disclose, The grand-daughter of Saunier.

You hold your heart beating in a frenzy wondering what shall come to pass. Robert follows the trail left for him to disclose and of course with the company of a gorgeous woman it all seems to become easier, only if you know whom to trust and who not.

Across countries and nations. Across tombs and graves of knights and kings, Robert and Sophie seek the trail of bread crumbs left for them to unveil.

What is it that they seek? And who is it that is bent upon to killing them? The look of the foe instills fear in anyone who chances to have a glance. The albino monk with Deadshot eyes and a frightening vow to his master hunts Langdon and Neveu in search of a legend. Not stopping for mercy, not stopping for the police, the murderer of Saunier prowls the night, and the prey being Robert and the prize?

The Holy Grail!

Such is the thrilling adventure where I cannot disclose more, The ancient relic lost upon centuries. Will Robert be able to find it or will the conniving villain get what he seeks?

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