Resplendent imagination brewing the perfect fantasy, a truly Magical Mystery ride, The Night Circus

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

What imagery doth play in thy mind on hearing the word Circus,

Shimmering tents with exuberant guises, soaring night lights and a massive tent, holding tall amidst the jubilant throng of patrons. A Ringmaster swaying his whip to will ferocious animals on his command I presume?

The traditional shimmery lustre and the sway of colours have nothing on Le Cirque des Rêves, so let us go on a magical mystery ride across the dim and dapper Night Circus to mystify the youth within but pray do not question the obvious because

"the finest pleasures are often the unexpected ones".

The Circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It simply is there, when yesterday it was not. Towering along the horizon is seen the majestic circus, with its tents of black and white stripes mystifying every eye glancing by its way. A circus that breaths in the darkness and sleeps by first light, the unusual hours of the Circus never appeared to deter the patrons from venturing into this callous nightlife of entertainment and merriment.

“You think, as you walk away from Le Cirque des Rêves and into the creeping dawn, that you felt more awake within the confines of the circus.
You are no longer quite certain which side of the fence is the dream.”

But often what meets the eye is not something they actually are. The same is the case for this enigmatic circus which shattering the rules of conventionality has risen to its ranks, created secret societies but most important of all, influenced a thousand lives.

The Circus is just the arena for testing of skills for two young ones, whom destiny has fastened together for their lives if not eternity. Supervised by Prospero the great enchanter and the man in the grey suit, Celia and Marco enter the circus to persevere and win. Not perceiving the outcome, never hearing about the prize but the goal is one, to triumph in the game of unexplained. The game between Prospero and The man in the grey is what sealed the fate of the two children ere there was any circus, ere they grasped there exist people with such capacities.

Magic people say, but manipulation is what people do. Manipulation of matter, of people and their minds, is something these two children are adept in. Celia the illusionist can manipulate objects and states to her own free will, the world may be broken but there is only so much she cannot fix. Water flies out of the spills and broken cutlery jumps off the wreckage to bind themselves into a singularity without a sign of damage by one wave of Celia's hands.

Then there is Marco who can show you the world, shining shimmering, splendid. Marco's imagery can build intricate objects out of thin air, simply conjuring things when once they were not. Playing with the patron's mind and making you believe in what you never even pondered is a glass of water to Marcos manipulation.

As the sun sets into oblivion, so shall everything else. Pitted against each other but fated to be drawn together, the opponents fall in love. The only players in the game are confined by the decree of their tormentors, their fathers into a deathless eternity of outwitting each other, presenting to win and creating not just to bedazzle the audience but just to get the decision and be free from this creed. They both played, they both created, something in return for each other's conception. The circus is enclosed by love letters the two of them have built each other for years, encased in tents. They built for each other, their creation imbued with their love. Will, the beloveds have strength adequate to emerge from the undulating fate, the inescapable game that holds their lives, captive, will they be able to love each other without manipulation, without a fight or should they be trapped into the timeless circus of the night?

The night circus is not just the story of the game, the mysterious man in grey or even Prospero the enchanter. It is indeed the story of everyone and everything that was influenced in ways unknown by the initiation of the circus. By lighting the flame in the cauldron not only was there a white explosion in the courtyard but there was the transmutation of each life in connection to the circus. Manipulation on such a grand scale has its tolls, the tolls to maintain it and the exactions to keep it from crumbling. It is the story of accepting your fate, moving on and rising from the ashes. Bailey a young patron unknown to the world, himself unknowing his wishes strives on for a journey of faith, of will and love.

This is ardently a shimmering and splendid imagination that has imageries and onomatopoeia that surpasses your vision and makes you believe in the impossible. You see the visualizations, you hear the tinkering of glass, you feel the eerie alleys between the tents and you sense the excitement coursing down your vein. It takes you on a chivalrous journey of gentlemen, of exacting intents and magic. Of divination, secrets better kept out of prying ears. Because secrets, when shared lose their strength and writing them down, is their doom but stories must be told of overlapping episodes of enchanting fancies and extraordinary situations. After all, we are just stardust and stories. People say, "The perfect Fantasy doesn't exist". To those people, I show Le Cirque des Rêves. I customarily do not accede however this unmistakably is a 5-star read.


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