"Personal History of David Copperfield" and the hope it carries

David Copperfield is the most widely popular work of Charles Dickens because it has been adored and looked upon by generations altogether, the semi-biographic work of Dickens has been brought up to the screen multiple times, among the most popular are ones featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Dev Patel as Charles Dickens's most lovable protagonist.

David Copperfield is the brilliant narrative of the little boy Davy and his journey to the world on his own without a father or a mother, his meeting with new friends, the charming old Pegotty- his governess, and the choices he makes in his life.

Personal History of David Copperfield

The 2020 movie adaptation of the timeless novel is indeed an incongruous position to be in. Dev Patel manages to portray the character of David with a true air of gentility with a touch of obnoxious humor and a tad bit of ferocity. The characterization of Pegotty was well done indeed and Miss Trotwood was also well kept within the boundaries of a cool benefactress and a loony old maid living alone in a Hamlet.

Mr. Murdstone was almost portrayed as the evil described in the book, start to loath him without a doubt but it seems that the development of the famous Uriah Heep wasn't rightfully pursued.

The whole movie was given a hue of comic touch flowing freely in every scene even the death of David's mother was taken up only for seconds proceeding to a mad outrage where he devastates the factory where he works at.

The most ludicrous job made in the movie was changing the chronology of events and comprehensively reshaping certain parts of it. The parts of the deaths bearing through the novel have been neglected like a popsicle melting in the hand of a non-appreciating adult. Although those were the scenes that imparted the book it's unblemished character.

There were a thousand instances whose depiction wasn't the same in the movie as should have naturally been transcribed from the book and if I know my readers well that is a disappointment. Although disappointing the movie would have gone on a hit trail if it did not out and about exclude some the parts of the book entirely. For instance, we never see Davy visit Mr. Creakle's school. The strapping lad Steerforth was shown to have met Davy in the school whence Davy's later fortune prevailed him to go once taken in the custody by her aunt Trotwood. Never mind Steerforth and the period of his meeting little Davy but among the other characters in Mr. Creakle's school was one scrawny kid who held a very distinctive role in the life of David.

I am very much dismayed at the portrayal of Mr. Pegotty. He who had been struck a mighty blow by her adopted daughter and whose withdrawal had caused him to sail the oceans was never shown in his potentially hazardous state of mind or body. It was also not too great a deed to lessen the role of Mr. Micawber who seemed such an unsightly fellow in the beginning but came out to be a great help in time to Davy and co.

Although not to his full potential but I evidently enjoyed the portrayal of Mr. Micawber in this movie, he was whimsical, energetic, and full of his pecuniary liabilities only that he mentioned it less and made a lesser amount of artistic speeches.

The most disheartening part of the movie was the annihilation of dear dear Dora and her life with David Copperfield, the struggle David went through in securing her hand in marriage against the will of her father & his present employer, was an important chapter to me and yes not to forget the wooing. It was a tough run for David and Dora both and also a big drama because here we see the 2nd entry of the detestable Murdstone siblings. Yes, you heard it right, that is some part of the drama the just-movie watcher will be missing.

My thoughts on the Movie

I am trying not to be biased while saying this and here it is. The movie is watchable but not what we call memorable. For the people who have not read the book, it shall encompass to fetch you a slapstick good humor along with the running of the movie minutes and also make you aware of the London imagery because of course, visual memory is more powerful than a read one.

For the one's who have read the book, I have this to say to you: Yes you will find some of the parts tedious as they haven't followed the bookish plots to the core, and then you might be missing some of your favorite parts in David's life but hear hear no movie has ever been made perfect such that they can compete with their parent.

Now I am not one of the reviewers who judge a movie by a number between 1 & 10. I will definitely say this that if you haven't read the book yet you might wanna watch the movie first and the begin the enchanting journey towards the salvation of the novel. If that is not the case you may or may not watch depending on what else you could be doing with your life.

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