Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Life is a tough affair, often it is observed that life stops it's ticking at the highest of places while in the drudgeries faced by the poor its sticks like a leech. Life is Transcendental and it fades into the oblivion. Nobody cares about all the high and mighty ideologies least the people who can barely make their stomachs not gnaw at their flesh for want of a morsel of food. Young Oliver Twist belonged to that faction of the momentary lives.

Separated from her mother, on his birth cradle and her death-bed, Oliver became the property of the parochial benefactress, detestable to say it but that's what they called her and she to herself, ignoring the bare fact that all the benefit gained by the paupers from her motherly bosom was just starvation.

This is a book where you find yourself constantly loathing the world instead of loving it more. Here you shall find the characters that have gained notoriety due to their evil and have reached the pinnacle of sorrow-bringer. If you are looking for a book that calms your senses I dare say you should pick another one because here my friend you will face the slinking and disgusting truth of the world shielded by the word good society[As they like to call themselves].

Little Oliver starving for days on end has committed a crime, A crime so heinous that he was at once attested to be up to no good, an ominous, obstinate, and ungrateful cur. Branded by such harsh labels and life at the whim of the parochial council made it further downhill for Oliver which should have already been the bare bottom of a raging fire.

Hackled among users and made to slave at demands of the masters which came his way. Oliver decided to Abandon his miserable life and head to seek a fortune at the great city of London. Thus began the Twisted Journey of Little Oliver Twist which takes him among many courses. Bullied by people, kidnapped and enslaved even rescued but who shall save him from the bitter and villainous clutches of the Old Jew and the housebreaker Mr. Sikes?

A tantalizing tale By my Favourite Classical author, one which talks about the evils of a System,the horrors of the world, and the kindness of friends.

Across the length of 500 pages, you shall meet numerous characters with vices as well as insanities greater than you can Imagine, For example, the Parochial Beadle by the name Mr. Bumble. A man of stringent measures and the follower of the council, A council that is a philosopher which says that you can make a horse work without food if you make it habituated to the same. A council that starves the orphans and thinks it a crime to stand upon any policies they impose. This same Mr. Bumble the one who adheres to his parochial duty like a worker bee in a storm, the same Mr. Bumble curses the law when it turns against him.

And of course, you meet the famous Fagin, the Jew, the thief, the incarnation of the devil himself, with his red hair and beard you can imagine him giving Satan a run for his money. There are no words in my entire vocabulary which can sum up the depravity of this one man, He who single-handedly makes the life of Oliver run pell-mell.

Here you meet warm characters as well, that in form of Mr. Brownlow, his house-aid, Mrs. Maylie, Rose Maylie, and a few others. The more your skin curls at the sight of Bill Sikes and Fagin, the better these people do make Oliver feel at home. The introduction of these characters really turns a leg about in the story. This pretty little book has it all, a rueful mystery of Oliver's ancestry. The thrill and adventure of Oliver with the gang of Robbers, the intense battle of emotion, and ensnares of death, I have seen it all in this book.

There are moments of patches in the book itself that make you think that how did we get here? and from where did we come? fear not everything comes to place before the wondrous climax of the book, Yes, Wondrous I say but I say not how wondrous it is. After all, that is for you to decide once you find out. There is a part of me that says that the patches strapped together, may have been strung better if the author explained all of the inconspicuous instances well but nevertheless Mr. Dickens has done a great job in the compilation.

This story is more about the society and less about the name which titles the novel. This History of Oliver Twist is a bigger picture than the protagonist himself, This is the story of how good and evil can battle in a real-world and how little good you should expect from it. This document of the life of Oliver Twist has an incredible description of the hardships faced among the lower strata in the early English country. A fruitful knowledge the whole book is, with a story which definitely has come to stay, Don't go on comparing it with his other books Oh Lord because like every human, every book is different and that's what makes them uniquely beautiful.

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