Jam-Packed Cop drama with a tinge of paranormal, Stephen Kings Underrated Book "From a Buick 8"

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The name Stephen King is often held synonymous with supernatural encounters, of ghosts and ghouls, and everything Horror. I was expecting the same when I picked up From A Buick 8.

To my surprise, I got in turn a blend of SciFi horror mixed with an impeccable cop drama. This is a book for every person who loves mystery as I do and the bonus? The mystery is laced with the supernatural in an eerily magnanimous setting of the unknown.

From a Buick 8

There lies a strange car, a Buick Roadmaster by a distant look, and a maleficent crocodile when you go near. Locked inside the Shed B of Pennsylvania state trooper's base the crocodile lies baring its grille and waiting to pounce. A secret buried deep in the bosom of the state troopers lies the thing undisturbed. Nobody knows whence it came from and nobody knows whereupon it might lead to but everyone realizes that whatever lies beyond the visor of the car is not of this world. Stranded in the Shed B of the Police outhouse, labeled as extricated property without any owner mystery looms in a mist around the car. Only if you get some light to navigate your way. They say Be careful what you wish for as illumination might not be the solution to every problem there is. And in this case? My word on god the purple flashes of exorbitant power is not the answer the Trooper sought as an answer.

A car with malice thriving inside it and a low running hum may hypnotize you out of your life just if you let it in. A ghost car? A vector for a specter? An alien spaceship? Whatever the thing is, it breathes and it sleeps, Just don't wait around for when it wakes. Because within the shower of bright and cold illumination it gives rise to creatures unknown, filthy, slimy demons from the netherworld. Even the description of which makes your skin crawl.

A brilliantly creepy creation from the Netherworld. From a Buick 8 is the perfect Cop Drama I have ever read and for the thing that lies in the shed B, it makes the impossible sell cheap. Not the best of Stephen King but an Example that he is the king for the Genre called Horror.

The not-so-great book as it is tagged by some people turned out to a brilliant read for me. Guess what is even better?

The back story to how Mr. King went on to write this cop-flick.

Apparently while driving his car onto the Pennsylvania state highway, he stopped at a fuel station to get his car filled up. Out and exploring about the area Mr. King found himself in close proximity to a cliffside of the immensely beautiful view. Curious and awed he went to have a peek, unfortunately, which turned out to a near-death fall.

This is the incident that struck the match to the Idea of a stranger with no face who leaves his car unattended at a gas station, Never to return.

As Mr. King narrates my skin erupts in gooseflesh, and so it does when I am writing this. The book's draft was a very speedy one. Completed in a couple of months and over the first two Drafts. Under strange circumstances Mr. King found himself lying in a road accident almost exactly the way he narrated. Chills my blood to think such Co-incidences do occur with the people of this world. Or was it a premonition to what your life would be in some time?


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