IT by Stephen King

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What are we scared of? For some people it is ghosts, the undead, maybe a dinosaur or a thousand other species of the creatures from the underworld. Rising from the raging infernos they haunt your dream, and for all that matters maybe your realities, because the kind of imagination a child perceives, it holds power.

Power to summon the courage and face your bullies, Power to stand up in front of your abusive parents and not lose heart, Power to live within the cold precincts of land that you called home along with distant human beings you call mom and dad, Power to wield the knowledge of how deadly a disease is and yet splash a gallon mud while kicking the football on a rainy day, Power to live your life being ostracized but not fall over and die. The Power to be a child and actually grow over all your fears.

Fight against all of these and yet be afraid to lose your battles against monsters? Well yes, monsters and ghosts and an overly menacing giant reptile sound scary enough individually.

What if they come on in all at once? I do not know if they will but IT surely does. An ancient eternal curse cast upon the cosmos, nobody knows how IT looks and nobody wishes to wait and find out.

I find myself wondering if the Boggarts from Sirius Black's cupboard might be a spawn of the evil that devours the darkness with its vile yellow lights, The Deadlights.

A creature of plague, the bloodlust insurmountable, whose sole purpose lies with a diet of plump flesh of the innocent. 27 years it sleeps, in a wink, it goes while the world gets old and he plunges it's teeth into the neck of civilisation and darkness treads every Quarter of century in the dreary old town of New England called Derry.

All until a band of misfits, an army of seven seal their wills against ridding humanity of the vile faceless phantom. All united, will of the divine seals their fates against the monster of indelible presence.

Stephen King's epic is a gruesome art, the likes of which may not be read for another century and then maybe the spawn of pennywise take form to bring blood shower on the valley of humanity.

I picked up this novel because I wanted a dose of horror in me but later realized that no particular genre can make a place for this brilliant but nightmarish piece of literature.

A town called Derry where uncertain and outstanding actions take place but no national media comes to feature it. A place where you can kill a person in broad daylight with a shiny pickaxe and nobody will come to stop you until your goal is achieved, and later they will make a bonfire out of your body too. Everyone sees but none notice. The town of Derry is enveloped by a dingy mist called Pennywise the dancing clown. There might be people who remember him form the Steven Spielberg's movie and some who have actually read the book and more who have done both. You will find in most cases that haunting part of his character remains the same throughout all media. Be it on your video screen or in the pages of a musky old paperback the shrill animal laughter remains the same and

"Everything Floats down here, You will float too"

never ceases to frighten me any less the more I go through it.

The strength of Evil is unavoidable but the power of love has the potential to vanquish all or does it really? Well you will find out but only have to wait for another 27 years.

The story unfolds with the formation of the fellowship, the one which wishes to kill the clown, or whatever hides beneath the paint and bloated silver livery. From there on it is just a chase towards the end, a battle for survival. The rituals of Chud, the ingenious history of IT are so baffling that even when you turn your pages you will be open mouthed. The descriptions vivid with no logic but yet I must say everything falls into place. A place called Derry.

"The town is IT, IT is the town"

fighting for their lives and for their bonds the group of Seven struggle against the magic of the universe. One that might have seen the birth of it and perhaps will see through to its end.

Such is the horror of who resides the sewers of an unknown Town called Derry about which no-one remembers, Not when you leave.

And when you come back you are sure to find your childhood nightmare grinning cheek to cheek only the smile is smeared with rouge and eyes filled with your darkest Nightmares!

I am sure you will be famished to read this novel, Ohh you have already? then care to check out the movies they tried out. P.S. not a fan of books turned movies, But they did a really good job. Stream it on amazon, Links below.

IT &. IT: Chapter 2

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