Have you heard about the man called Vincent Vangogh?

Paintings, expressions, and art if any of those words tickle your creativity, I dare say you must have known the tall gaunt, and sunken face of the red-haired artist who died in the search for the spark of illumination in his art.

The sunflower, the potato eater, and the sharp-eyed famous self-portrait have been in the eyes of art critics for years now, although the recognition was Posthumus but he did achieve what he strived for in his death.

There are literally tons of Vangogh fans who live in this modern world who critique his strokes and talk about his painting styles, some who are so divined by his absence that they seek out the history of Vincent Vangogh the third. I am sure if you are one from the latter kind you must have read the wonderful book " Lust for Life by Irving Stone" a book that has garnered a million readers and how could they not be enamored to be in light of the great man with a Terrible fate. Terrible yes maybe it is a little light even for the life of crumbs Vincent lived but we come to know it all through Vincent's letters to Theo which have remained in the most organized manner in Theo's cabinet while he was alive and in his death glorified. The second light we get about The mad painter's life is through the creation of Vincent's biography in Mr. Stone's masterpiece.

Hear-hear all the people who have known Vincent and his life, have you known about his death and the aftermath?

In Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman's 2017 Movie "Loving Vincent" we find out just that.

It is a biographic feature film based on Vincent's Death as it came and how it was caused and all the whys. The movie is one of a kind gesture to the deceased painter because the whole 65000 frames of the movie have been handpainted on canvas by over 125 artists from around the globe in Vincent Vangogh's trademarked style.


The movie follows Armand, son of the postman Joseph Roulin who has shared some part of Vincent's miserable life. Armand had set out to deliver a last letter of Vincent to Theo but then he found out that Theo has been dead for over 6 months, how terrible tragedies can be in this case the death of Vincent that even death couldn't do the brothers apart.

Armand talking to the proprietress of the inn where Vincent stayed

In his journey to deliver the letter, he made a turn-around and was advised to deliver it to Dr. Gachet the person responsible for looking after Vincent once he was released from the asylum. In a search for Dr. Gachet Armand had to wait for some days while he tried to unravel the mystery of Vincent's Death.

From left to right and top to bottom Postman Roulin, Marguerite Gachet, Pierre Tanguy, Dr. Gachet & Adeline Ravoux

New faces and facts are divulged which have not been talked about before nor been mentioned in the book.

Like how Vincent wasn't entirely happy in the Gachet household

how he might have had an argument with the doctor which might have been the reason for the terrible discourse. There were reasons to believe that other people might have been involved in the so-called suicide & the death might after all not have been raving of a fou-rou.

Gathering all the bits and pieces of this movie is a tad difficult because they play upon the entire ending of the solitude that is called death. The whole movie carries a solemn mood in itself and how could it not! Although none of these reasons can foreshadow the urge to know, know about the man & his unsightly death.

A movie worth watching, because literary characters cease to exist once we reach the last page and then they are mere cloud floating into the oblivion, waiting to be forgotten. For a man who was not a mere fiction, the movie did justice in portraying what happened after his death.

The paintings were undoubtably an impeccable representation for the life of that man.

My thoughts:

I am working to find out if the movie resources were based on assumptions or complete fiction. So far it guides me to the light and tells me there is some truth residing in it. Although that requires a lot of finding out but I am sure of one thing, and that is this movie is a work of art worthy of the Name Vincent Vangogh.


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Do watch the movie if you are a fan of Vincent, It is available on prime so you can check it out here

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