Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, a tale of misfortunes turned into riches, but with a twist

Updated: Jul 1

Expectations are a weird notion of the world. You never know what is to come, you know not whence it may turn up but all the same, you have good humor in predicting the parabola of its interception. It is a pity because Expecting something which ought not be expected has an air of authentic tomfoolery in it which people aren't often aware of until they step onto it.


Great Expectations, the journey of young Pip, that's not a name you say? Well, I tell you it is. Because his father's name was Phillip and his family name being Pirrip, there is only so much which can be seen coming out of a 7-year-old. The son of a Parishioner long-dead contemplates the inscription tethered to his family grave in the village Cemetery. Solemn is the beginning of the great story because here we begin a journey, not with life, not with humor but with the cold embrace of death. But who goes there and what is that God-awful clanking?

Before Pip has mastered the hold of Inscriptions on his parent's grave he notices the limping and gray liveried visage of the convict. His Convict, because there was another lurking in the shadows. You might be wondering why in the world am I narrating an impossible occurrence which might have been a chance? Because my friend time reveals the mysteries which often pass our eyes as penchant & arduous.

Pip was a child brought up by hand by her married sister, in whose husband he found his companion and an everlasting friendship. In Joe Gargery I found a human so out of natural order that his simplicity warms my heart but the same pains me so. Never have I seen a man so good as him. As for Mrs. Gargery who brought Pip by hand [although having no idea what it meant] our protagonist was subjected to the world's miseries if it were suitable.

Living such with a miserable aura, young Pip detested his plight. The more he loved Joe the worse would he feel. Because being blighted by desperation doesn't make you wiser. It was sometime during this that Pip was bestowed, The Great Expectation. Is it the cold Miss Havisham who has thought about the little boy's welfare? Well, it must be because Pip hadn't anyone capable of turning him into a gentleman out of the clutches of a sorry life.

Pip never knew the source of his good fortune nor was he allowed to seek for his silent benefactor, but what was the use when he knew he was benefitted by Miss Havisham? After all, he meant the boy to be a Gentleman for Estella of course. The girl of dreams, chasing her Pip could go to hell's corridor but such coldness was imbued in the heart of the little wretch called Estelle that she was unable to feel the warmth which was Pip.

Thus, began the expectations of a young boy of a blacksmith household who silently set foot on his journey towards redeeming his gentility, with the mint fresh from his benefactor and the aid of his appointed guardian.

Life begins to transcend into that of high values for Pip, with gentlefolk to accompany and gentle ideas of living our friend moved forward. He is pained to have deserted Joe but then something keeps him back from having gone to him readily. Not something which I have recognised as a convincing decision but then it is what it is. Life winds itself along all corners and edges of the parts he has been unable to access and now that he is for the better in his part of life, mysteries keep popping up and revealing unbelievable certainties. However happy I seem to be about the great expectation, the climax makes me think. Solemnity rises and falls all over the book. And as you recall dust will return to dust so does this book, begin with the solemn picturization of a child crouching near his parent's grave, and it ends on a solemn note. Blissful for sure but with a tinge of solemness which seeps into the heart of the reader and I loved that.

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