Are you fan of Sherlock Holmes Spin-offs? Check out Enola Holmes...

There are names which lure us wherever they appear, Holmes is one such name at the sound of which I am sure to turn my head and look upon. I shall watch whatever Holmes spin-off they invent and peer my entire consciousness on it.

Although a bit skeptical upon Introduction to the movie, Who is Enola? I had asked myself, later to figure out her being the little sister of the Holmes household. I have watched an entire generation of Holmes enacted on the silver screen.

From Ian Richardson in 1983 to Richard Roxburgh in 2002 upon the glorious sets of the Hound of the Baskervilles, we have transcended to Robert Downey Junior and Benedict Cumberbatch. In this era of Holmes, the representation of Cumberbatch is flawless like a cat pruning its disheveled fur. So when I noticed Henry Caville potentially playing the Cynical detective, it intrigued me beyond measure.

Of course, I am going to talk about Sherlock Holmes for God's sake, but first, let us talk about the belle in the spotlight and that shall be Enola Holmes played by none other than the stranger girl Millie Bobby Brown.

The portrayal of Enola by MBB was something to look forward to in a lot of different measures. The impetuosity which she was able to grant her character wasn't much unbecoming of the holmes name but it rather illuminated the genius & wildness within the name Sherlock Holmes.

Enola is the youngest child of the holmes household from which all the men have taken a leave. 16 years of her life living with her mother had taught her to be a lady of a macabre outcome, strong-willed & learned in both science and martial arts. But alone, always alone. After all, Enola spelled backward is alone.

The Plot

On the dawn of Enola's 16th birthday, she was gifted the first mystery of her young existence. Her mother is missing!

Enter the two brothers, Sherlock & Mycroft Holmes.

I was wondering how well does Caville suit the donning of Sherlock but I must say his looks weren't much of a pain to my eyes, although there were moments when I sat comparing the man with the red cape and blue suit to the man in breeches and clean coat walking side by side.

But the bigger deal was Mycroft, I always ask myself why does the casting agent always select a tall and lanky middle-aged Mycroft much in contrary to the titanic Mycroft of the books. It is just not the looks of it but there are instances about Mycroft which prick my patience, because apparently, he was depicted as a tyrant for Enola who lashes their will upon you. Judging from the fact that we do not get much of page time with Mycroft in the books it is commendable that the screenwriters showed their innovations by inventing such ingenuine ideas of portraying him.

The movie was as fine as it could be and I loved the way the narration was done by MBB, the mystery was procured at a price of intermingling plots of the disappearance of a mother and the assassination of a certain powerful seat holder but all of it fell in their places seamlessly to meld into one giant conspiracy.

I certainly loved the rain of emotions upon Enola by Sherlock, yes the one who is proficient with killing emotions. It was a sweet brother-sister affinity and a pleasure to observe.

Overall I would say it was pretty decent a picture to imagine, one with all the types of vivid imagination about what if's and all the fan theories. We get to sit back and observe while Enola does her task of deceiving two of the sharpest minds in the vast enormity of London. We get to see a lot of empowerment of the females belonging to the lost class. A class where women were supposed to stay at home and faint at every notion of restless occurrence. It sure was a charm to watch MBB pave her way through in the world unknown with a wit as sharp as the butcher's knife and will as strong as the titan's club. We see a bit of budding romance too on the way to her greatness but now-now should I say it all?

Go and decide yourself what do you think about the sweet & sixteen detective breaking the social norms to stride on a quest of truth.

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