Anandamela Pujobarshiki, a magazine, a tradition, and here's what 2020 had to offer

The Pujobarshiki "Autmnal special edition" of Anandamela is a tradition among all Bengalis it is something that brings the actual feelings of Durga Puja and tickles our spines in pleasure. This year More so, because there were none of the festive outings so mostly it was festive reading. Looking inside we have.

The peril in the Mummy-Land

I know, I know that there have been huge amounts of mummy mysteries around us for centuries, some are flagged as hoaxes perpetrated by skilled criminals, some, on the other hand, are the works of the undead but this one? Well, it's quite a different way to look at it.

The story revolves around incidents that are Co-incidental, such that you recognize them as such just with a glance. Being a logical man of Science Mr. Bhaskar is befuddled when multiple of these occurrences assert their superimposition over his sharpened mind.

Approached by a revered scientist and an old mentor Bhaskar is invited to the land of undead to oversee the unraveling of a compelling mystery, one which cannot be discussed digitally.

On arriving in Egypt Bhaskar faces circumstances that appear to be coincidental as well as eerily supernatural. Is Bhaskar being haunted by some desolate past his Mentor has disturbed? Is all of this just a practical joke on the part of the old scientist who might have gone senile or is it a profound plan of a malignant mind who wants to loot the old one of his knowledge & perhaps, TREASURE!!

This year's Pujobarshiki had some good stories Like

HarinGader Bepar Shepar ( Weird Life in Haringad ) By Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, P.S. my constant Comedy Go-to

GolaapChara (The Rose Sapling) by Sukanta Ganguly

Harideb Sanyasi'r Kutir ( Harideb Saint's Cottage) by Adity Bhattacharjee

Strangely there weren't many stories that caught my heart this year and Although I have read all of Feluda's Stories I do always expect to read one as a comic in Anandamela.

We did have Santu & Kakababu adventures insight of comics this year and Detective Gogol also made an appearance.

That being it, now in wait for the next years Pujobarshiki.

Also, stay in touch to read about Harideb Saint's Cottage, which was one good novel.

Harideb Saint's Cottage

Nandu was a child who sighed, he sighed because he didn't do mischief because he wanted to, it just happens he explained to his elder sister. How could he control the circumstances of the unyielding future?

But Nandu hoped, he hoped that he would be scolded less, He hoped that his parents would not take the words of the neighbors as the complete truth. He hoped that someday his parents will understand him. After all mischief and trouble whatever may attract him, the heart of a child always wants some assertion of love, sympathy, and understanding.

During one of those escapades of his genuine troubles, Nandu's Mom outraged by the complaint and sick of giving out apologies punished nandu by trapping him in the Old cottage by the side of their backyard.

The cottage was rusty and almost desolate with just a lamp and a tumbledown trunk at the edge of the room. Nandu Knew that this Cottage belonged to a reverend saint who had died about 30 years prior.

Scared to be entrapped in a vessel of the dead, Nandu cried out to his mom helplessly and banged at the door to give him some light, Ghosts won't come to the light he thought. Alack and alas his mom never gave in. There lay Nandu in the darkness awaiting the horror of a creeping hand behind him. None came but he saw something, inside the trunk wrapped in some tattered garments was wrapped and lying some unobtrusive object.

Days passed after the incident of the cottage, but something feels different. what was there lying hidden in the obscure trunk? Why doesn't society know that it exists? maybe it is something magical, or perhaps a gift of the dead. One thing Nandu agreed that it was something that is worth having.

As the story unfolds we are directed into unraveling 3 dense mysteries that have been ailing the village where Nandu stays for ages. We see the relationship that binds Nandu towards a better being and that is something that fills your heart up to the neck. A warm story with wholesome characters, one which has enough mysteries to keep you occupied and several incidences of adventure out of the little boy's mind.


If you haven't yet read the autumnal bliss? here is where you can find one.

Tell us what you liked most in this bundle of joy.

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