A spooky enigma penned by Laurel Elizabeth Hasara "The Nobodies"

Updated: Jul 1, 2021


How many faces have you seen in your life so far? How many people have you been introduced to, friends, family, or just the neighbor who smiles?

The Nobodies is a book that brings into your life the story of those individuals who are not significant enough to be etched into your memory for some reason. A poignantly impressive description of a society that remains in the dark, fumbling for recognition.

A gothic novel that features a woman and her peculiar journey, transcending through the chores, her daily life, and a chunky bit of romance, this book shows you the life that you persevered to be able to ignore. It talks about the articulate yet disdained state of misery when you feel forsaken even by God.

Building upon a curious incident of multiple homicides and a premonition that saw it all, the book flawlessly captures the intent of the author in memorializing the episode & spinning a web of characters as intricate as exquisite silver filigree.

"What's left of the sketch paper's beige base swells into flames, the gold frame left untouched by its fiery consumption. Ashen embers ascend to the ceiling tiles where they evaporate"

Textual magnificence bestowed upon this book is my favorite part which heightens your tastebuds as well as makes you recognize the bitter but rich aroma of the subject. Just like your richly blended morning coffee, hits you all at once with all the force it has, and leisurely comes the realization of the taste that is imbued in its essence.

The idea of the characters, theirs lives and times may seem ludicrous to the readers at some point, for instance, the penchant aloofness of the protagonist. Although ludicrous but not impalpable. You might need some time to get into the story by the literary brilliance of the vocabulary insists you to carry yourself through the novel. Even though you might have read about the subject in the blurb or have some idea of the going on's in this literary adventure, you are still up for a surprise that is worth the wait. As gorgeous as the cover depicts.

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