A specifically well documented techno thriller, corporate sabotage and more by Michael Crichton

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Airframe by Michael Crichton

Have you ever seen an aircraft performing a summersault? Or more like porpoising in the air to dive incessantly?

That is exactly what happened to an airborne wide-bodied twin-jet inborne from Hong Kong. Which seeking harbour and permission to land made such a request to an air traffic control that baffled them out of their minds, "The aeroplane requested 40 ambulances" was the report made.

Bewildered but curious about what caused the unbearable incident, Casey Singleton, VP of Norton aeroplanes, rushes on a journey of discovery. The discovery of the reason why a plane of their make cartwheeled through the skies while maiming over a hundred passengers.

Popular and unequivocally a master of Science fiction, the fellow fan of HG. Wells has made a journey to a technological thriller. A story of a mystery that blitzed the lives of several butchering them around in their safe haven in the air. A magnificent story of corporate sabotage, misdirection and technical anomalies of the aircraft.

With the CVR gone and all the other documents vanished, Casey must look through the unconventional path on her way to seek the truth behind this gory outcome, with the media behind her heels and chagrined by the future of Norton Aircraft, will Casey be able to pull up after the misdeeds of many and save the company to be with the worthy? Or shall the consequence of this accidental landing lead the company to its doom into the murky waters of bankruptcy... These are the question you collectively ask while moving on with Casey Singleton.

A well-documented mystery thriller that will leave you in fright for your life if you happen to listen to the loud whirring of the slats. The science behind the functioning of the aircraft has been handled very well, too well if I must say to the point where not many people might fancy knowing, although when you make stories the best way to convince someone is by the detail and I was all for it. Probably not the greatest by Crichton but surely a great story of corporate mystery and technical thriller.

The reason behind the outcome came as a surprise, the kinds of which nobody can see through, A veil covered up by mysterious hands and the misdirection of media give some spice's edge to the story. A huge cover-up and a plea to save the dying organisation by cracking the deal of the lifetime, the climax was a favourable one to think the least.


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