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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Someone’s Story

Each one of us knows a certain someone, a person you know about, a feeling which you cannot express but know it to exists. It is like the Impressionist paintings, captured in the canvas is not the exact likeness of an individual but the essence of a being. Just in the same way Mr. Bellec has uniquely captured his characters with his words.

 A coming of age story about Teenagers who bring each other up from the bowels of darkness. A story of support and well being. How often do we treat our wounds and injuries but forget to tend to our Intangible hurts?

If you have read the blurb it says "a group of weirdos that find and save each other from the dark depths of their minds" I cannot explain the book better than this.

If you find yourself creeping and not turning the pages at the beginning of the book, I implore you to see it through because it's not always how things begin, the judging blow is given by the end after all. After all "All's well when it End's well"

Apart from being the author of Someone's story, Mr. Bellec is a delightful person. I had the opportunity to talk to him and have a little Q/A session. 

Surely you would want to check it out to know about the person who penned the unique Someone's story.


You have quite a bit of history in terms of career as I recall From Finance to business and Film school you have seen it all. When did You realize that your fingers were quibbling to write a story?

Mr. Bellec says..

I was always a storyteller but for the longest time, I am talking 20 years, I doubted my ability to write. I would always get hung up on the fact that my spelling and grammar are not great. I struggled in school with words and that stuck with me for years into my adulthood. One of the things about me is that I am a hard worker. When I put my mind to a task, I go in deep.

Working in business helped my writing tremendously. There is no way I could have written Someone’s Story without my career in Finance. Along the way, I probably wrote a million words via email. I also created some lengthy training guides to help standardize procedures. A technical manual is structured similar to a novel. I learned to write better through emails and I learned to structure better through technical manuals. The creative side of my writing came when I started using a journal to deal with stress.

Film school was me trying to become that storyteller but I still had my introvert tendencies and just couldn’t get comfortable running a camera or a crew. I still struggle with that today but I think if I was given the opportunity, I would excel this time because of all the new skills I have picked up over the last few years.


Someone's Story is a particularly unique way to represent a feeling rather than a character, It could be You, It could be me, It could be my neighbor from the next door quite about anyone. Makes people Relate more, Ingenious Idea but how did you come up with this?

Mr. Bellec says..

The idea just came to me. It was part journal. Part therapy. Because of that, the emotion is raw and real. Now as for the perspective. It was my writing style and it just kind of happened. I didn’t have formal training and I just started writing. By not worrying about some of the things traditional books do, I created something unique. Where I am proud is that I never backed down from the idea. At multiple points, my editors and beta readers brainstormed with me. I thought about stopping and renaming the main character. Giving more of a character description. Most of the people I bounced the idea off of said not to, as they had never read anything like this, so I resisted the urge to make this like most of the other books, which was tough, but I am proud that in the end, I have this unique piece of art to show for it.


How did it feel? when you got your First book printed and open to the world, explain your ecstasy you felt that day.

Mr. Bellec says..

My book had been done for a few weeks. I was waiting for Amazon to approve it and send me the proof copy. When it showed up, instead of relief, I actually felt this drive to do it again. Almost immediately I started working harder on my second book, Pulse. 

Another of my mistakes was I grossly underestimated how much work marketing would be. You learn. Now a few months later I am getting the traction I wish I had on day 1. I probably shouldn’t have released it when I did, as I had zero buzz and not much of an online platform. I don’t regret the decision though because I learned so much over the last few months.

COVID-19 also didn’t help. I was planning a Canada-wide book tour and had to shelve the idea. Maybe when I release my second book, I will be able to tour both books at the same time.


If there was one thing you could change about Someone's story, what would it be and why?

Mr. Bellec says..

My start is slow. Now having gained feedback from the early reviewers, I wish I had something in the first few chapters that was a better hook. The first 100 pages are just setting everything up without much of a big event happening. I might lose readers because they can’t power through the early slog. Exactly what I would add, I haven’t thought it out and I don’t know if I want too. I closed this project and moved on.

For Pulse, I am pushing myself hard to write a more exciting first 100 pages!


How do you decide what your climax should be? Do you write your book based on a climax already imagined? Or is it something which is revealed in time while you continue writing?

Mr. Bellec says..

I already had my rough idea for the climax in mind. The events that unfold are a true story that happened to a friend of mine but they didn’t happen at the same time, a few years separated them. My thought was what if they did happen at the same time? I did grow the idea as I wrote, adding layers and combining things, but the general premise remained the same from the day I started.


A song-writer, one of the many feathers you have added to your name, was Gus Reeves your first choice to sing your soundtrack?

Mr. Bellec says..

No, Gus and I didn’t know each other and the soundtrack wasn’t even planned, it just kind of happened. I had already written the lyrics for Let Us Go with a rough melody but was looking for a specific voice and guitar sound. Gus was one of many people I considered. I heard a few samples and liked his acoustic sound. 

The moment I think I settled on Gus was when I found this: https://youtu.be/lpjmfoC69Tc

I could almost hear my song instantly in this format and it is very close to what our collaboration ended up sounding like.

When I approached him, I was very honest and open about the book and my intentions because I wanted a creative collaborator that would get behind the project. He was fantastic in taking in my notes to keep the songs true to the book. When I started working with Gus, I wasn’t sure how many songs I would do so much like my book just kind of materialized, so did the songs.


I see that we have a thing or two in common, both of us enjoy the creative Imagination of John Green and J.K. Rowling, what do you think about the outrage against J.K.R? Do you think science should not teach Male and Female as sexes in the Homo Sapiens and be replaced by Non- binary units? Or are you of the opinion that this should be taught in chapters based on Humanity and Social Studies?

Mr. Bellec says..

My stance is people are people. Don’t do or say things that would harm other people. I am also very flexible in my views. If I say something that isn’t accepted by the people in my community, I will take in the feedback, show my reasoning, and re-evaluate my opinion to be more open. Not everyone thinks like this though which is sad. There will always be closed-minded people with different hurtful opinions and actions. When I see something I don’t agree with, I will usually bring it up with them in private and then distance myself if I don’t see change. 

I think it is a generational thing. The Millennials and Generation Z group is very open to change and pushes for social progress but lacks power and control. Most of the world is run like an oligarchy now, and the group at the top is in the Baby Boomer generation pushing their dated view of the world. They don’t have to change because they have all the power and money. When they pass their position along, they try to find someone like them. It will take another 10 years or so for the Millenial leaders to start to show up. Just a few more cycles and we will get a group of open-minded world leaders.


Your Upcoming book, you said that it is based on Creature Pandemic, a fusion of X-Files and the Fyre Festival, what kind of creatures haunt in your book? are they extra-terrestrial, ancient forgotten beings or are they a failed scientific experimentation?

Mr. Bellec says..

They are extraterrestrial and they have been buried deep inside the Earth for millions of years. The company in my book, Pulse, does something by accident that lets this creature out. The quick creature pitch is they are microscopic parasites but they evolve fast, every few hours they are something else, taking more and more of their host and environmental properties.


Currently, in lockdown everyone is itching to travel, tell me the place you would escape to when this pandemic ends and also carry which books along?

Mr. Bellec says..

One day I am going to take the Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand with my girlfriend. We also have been long planning a family vacation to Disneyland with my family back in BC. Outside that, once the pandemic eases I will take a book tour across Canada. Because none of these trips are scheduled it is hard to say which books I will bring. I usually write at night when on vacation, I find traveling to be inspiring. Even if I just write notes, I am sure these trips will spawn many great ideas.

The book I am most looking forward to right now is Ready Player Two.


How would you offer help to a person suffering from a mental health problem and how will you prevent people from being a victim of this invisible enemy?

Mr. Bellec says..

Sometimes you get stuck in a thought pattern. I use writing, jogging, and walking my dog to reset if I feel I am struggling. After that, I talk with my loved ones. From there, if it is prolonged pattern and you don’t think you are getting better, seek help. In Canada, we have the Canadian Mental Health Association. They have branches everywhere. They are there to support you and connect you to the right people or groups of people. If it is an emergency, call one of the 24-7 numbers. They will talk to you. They will listen. Sometimes talking to a stranger is easier. I am in North America so I know the number for our support lines:

Canada: 1-833-456-4566

USA: 1-800-273-8255

I am much thankful to have been able to hold this Q/A session and I am much thrilled in awaiting your new Book "Pulse". The readers can find about Mr. B.A. Bellec and all about his works in the website listed below. Don't be shy to reach him out, he is a true gentleman.


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