A man called Ove

A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Before anything else Ove is a 59 year old man, one that lives in those little row houses . He does like his principles too much and trusts in order. Remember the man in your society who complains about everything, for example if the garbage isn't sorted, or if a car is parked out of the red line? Apparently Ove is that man of the society. He thinks people should be responsible for things. Relying on someone else for any odd job was something Ove never understood. Ove is the kind of person who wouldn’t go back to a shop even after years as they gave him the wrong change once. Principles he said to his wife, his wife smiled and said "Unforgiving you mean?" with a squeal of pleasure.

Come now where are my manners? The name of his wife is Sonja. And people said the couple were quite the night and day. Ove knew he was the night and never complained but wondered why the day chose him? People said Ove saw in black and white. But he too had color in his life and the only color in his life was Sonja.

Things would have gone along the same way for Ove as the grumpy old sod he was, if it wasn’t for the pregnant foreigner lady and her family. In Parvaneh he found an annoyance who wouldn’t let him be alone for a moment's thought, lest he should rest in peace. And Ove thought better than arguing with a pregnant woman in her fits. It is a tale of love like it hasn’t been written before. Love of Ove for Sonja And love of that bloody pregnant foreigner who thinks it is alright to barge into peoples house without notice.

Ove had a medical condition which may be too hard to spell but the doctor explained it as such "his heart is too big". Quite literally I would say This is the story of a man who loved too fiercely and fought for it till the end of the line but never let go. It tells us how a stranger tugged at his arm and dragged him out of his own shadow. After all,Sonja said, you only need one ray of light to chase all the shadows away.

It makes you jump over a thousand different emotions, all at once. It teaches you how priceless small things are, perchance the smile of your favorite person? People realize things a little too late.

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