A hundred years in loving memory of Satyajit Ray

To truly see a person you need vision and not eyes ~Satyajit Ray

Just like the epiphany, he was a beacon lighting up the country with literary marvels and probably a light that, he reflected his essence into modern literature and cinematography with his peremptory vision and prodigious conveyance of his works.

The all-consuming pull imbued in the works of Satyajit Ray is something like the ocean tugging on to a ferry boat on the night of a high tide. A filmmaker who enthralled his audience with the auric charm which on reflection on the silver screen burst out the floodgates of human emotions, on a level which is hard to even fathom.

Then one might say if his works provide such mysteries beyond the art of comprehension, is it the best way to charm your audience into the spell that is Satyajit Ray?

Well, that's the thing about magic, you see it happening, you know not how and yet you are pulled into a realm of ignorance which only highlights the mellow flavour of curiosity. And once curious there is no point of return.

So let us celebrate the one and only Satyajit Ray, The epiphany of Bengali literature and a beacon to Indian Cinema and filmography at large.

On a short trail down memory lane, let us meet the illustrious characters who shall live lives immortal in the hearts of every reader far and wide.



Who doesn't like to listen to stories from your folks and families, I remember my childhood went just like that, in constant need to hear new stories and never stop. Such is the character of Tarini-Khuro, the magnetic paternal uncle who has lived his life to the fullest and never forgot to collect the memories and bind them into his consciousness as a basket full of stories for his nephews and nieces. While reading Tarini Uncles' adventures your memories entwine in warm euphoria and neverending nostalgia. Well, that's not nearly all that Tarini khuro offers you as his stories are second to none. Be thrilled and leap out of your bones as you travel through stories like 'Tope - Bait' and keep exploring the neverending boundaries of experiences and imagination of that wonderful Uncle.


Professor Sanku

Out in the calm lands of Giridih, there lives an old man with a pointed beard a fierce cat and a loyal servant Prahlad. Quite serene and heartwarming is the notion to be living your life out in the countryside right?

This particular gentleman thinks otherwise. The brilliant scientist Professor Sanku, recognised by the highest consortiums of science throughout the world is an enigma within himself. His adventures range through star war-Esque encounters as well as mad scientists living out in the bowels of frigid tundra. Prof. Sanku has been through all and seen it all. With his whiplike wit and memory as sharp as a cold-forged Damascus knife, he is a man of spellbinding inventions and outstanding genius. Reading the stories of Sanku make you realise the potential of Indian Science-fiction only if Satyajit Ray lived through to make a movie on it.



I think if there is a character that requires no recognition that has to be Satyajit Ray's most brilliant creation 'Feluda' aka Prodosh Chandra Mitter

along with his cousin Tapesh and lively old friend and thriller writer Lal Mohan Ganguly aka Jatayu, they will upset your world to solve the mysteries circling in the mist.

"Tell me what that man has been doing before boarding the flight? Gardening you say but how can you deduce such an outrageous conclusion out of thin air Feluda?"

That is the type of genius held inside the cranial cavity of the man called Pradosh Chandra Mitter.

The incidents so fun and the mysteries so twisted that you might not be able to escape the clutches of Imagination created by the one and only, Satyajit Ray.

And of course these aren't the only depictions of the Brilliance called Satyajit Ray,

throughout the years he will continue to enthral his young readers with stories made into movies of magic and adventure like the gold which is, Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen & Hirok Rajar Deshe.

Originally written and perceived by his Grandfather, Upendrakishore Ray he made the story into his own to create a trilogy of magic and fantasy like never before seen in Bengali Cinema.

The ingenious capacities to weave stories of wonder was not lost in the continent but travelled far and wide to later influence Hollywood big shots like Wes Anderson & Martin Scorsese.

In the words of Akira Kurosawa
"Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in a world without seeing the sun or the moon"

To the magician with the lens, an artist of incomprehensible stature, a literal wizard with his pen, we are indebted to you for your contribution and we shall overcome oblivion to make the name remembered beyond annihilation.


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