A glorious Centenary of Hercule Poirot, Celebrating the life of The Queen of Crime

Updated: Jul 12, 2020


Have you ever imagined how Hercule Poirot came to be? How the wondrous crime queen curated the Idea of the now-famous little Belgian Detective? 

well, it happened long before, a hundred years before to be accurate, and during the first world war.

While volunteering in a dispensary at her homeland of Torquay she was dared to take up a quill and frame such a story of crime which will befuddle a person's mind but never illuminate their thirst for an answer. 

On this certain dare by her sister, a young woman took to writing with no prior achievement. A woman who later came to be called the Queen of Crime.

Her sister had laid the terms of writing the story. She asked for a tale of crime which upon being told should aid the readers with every detail that the detective himself possesses but so cunningly framed to never let the readers guess.

Although having tried amateurishly to write a few novels before success didn't cross Christie's way. the books she pursued writing before included "The house of dreams", "The call of wings" and "The little lonely god".

Thus with the Introduction and publication of The mysterious Affairs at Styles, it became a huge success for the little Belgian detective as well the future Dame. 

Her service at the Town hospitals dispensary a staggering 3400 hours had aided her very affluently with enriching her grey cells with such vast knowledge of Poisons that we later see in her stories of unimaginable unpredictability.

Did you know how The queen of crime came upon selecting a retired Belgian police officer as her lead protagonist?

Well, that merit too should be rewarded to her service at the town hospital's dispensary where she treated scores of Belgian refugees arriving at Torquay to seek shelter from the raging war. Thus came to be the very familiar, very amicable, the possessor of an egg-shaped head and the grand mustache, Monsieur Hercule Poirot.

One specific question we all might have, the author who gave our dreams of criminal fiction a shape but which were the exemplars who initiated her into the weary world of spinning stories? well, it has been learned that Miss Christie was fascinated by the works of Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, and Walter Scott among others. She got her Detective nourishment from the works of Wilkie Collins in "The woman in white" and the early Cases of Sherlock Holmes of course [Like this was a surprise].

“The more we learn, the less and less motive we find for suicide? But for murder, we begin to have a surprising collection of motives!” 

― Agatha Christie 

Christie made us face the facts in the high sunshine even then fooled us into believing what she meant us to believe. Her touch of storytelling and a language so generous often depicted the human natures quite as they were instead of imbuing them with fictional passion made them almost real. She made me believe that the solution to a sphinx's riddle lies in the most obvious corner but we tend to be attracted to the twisted paths of drudgery to seek it.

In frame: Christie and Max Mallowan

The queen of crime had a great taste for archaeology, she didn't realize this often when she used to have the pleasure of traversing the dusty lands of Egypt with her mother. She did realize it when she married the second time. This marriage was an important one because it was the one which took her on journeys long to visit the desolation of hidden civilizations with her husband aside. those were the times which based the setting of numerous of her novels in the future to come. 

A creator, a novelist whose pen is responsible for the making of a character so renowned and worldly liked such that he becomes the first Fictional character to get an Obituary on The New York Times. 

We Celebrate the 100 years of Hercule Poirot the greatest detective who ever lived and we celebrate the life of Agatha Christie's, The Dame Commander of the order of the British Empire, The Duchess of death, the Queen of crime or the Mistress of mystery whichever rings to your senses.

For me, it shall ever be the Queen of crime, for years to come maybe forever. After all who can get bored of the little grey cells of the Dame's creation?


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