A chat with Kaveri Bhar, the mind behind "Gamed- Will Love Find Me?"

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

What happens after love prevails, does it keep itself wrapped around your existence? or does it fade the way an expensive temptation abates?

Gamed is a story of love, its presence, its tribulations, and Kristina. Kristina is essentially what you call a strong woman, but yet weak of heart. Her career flies ahead while her heart writhes shriveled up in some crevice. This is the part after the lovers unite and the decisive curtains drop. The part which comes when the Oh-So-Lovely infatuation blows away and what remains is just the cold embrace...

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If you have already read Gamed and are curious about its creation and creator? You might want to peek in and see my little conversation with Kaveri Bhar.

Starting out with a career in Information Technology, Kaveri found herself growing on her food-blog. From writing about recipes on her food-blog, Kaveri realised that her knack for creation isn't limited to cooking. That's when she took up the pen to create "Gamed"

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Here lies our Conversation...

Abhigyan: I read the book which you sent to me.

In your book, you talked about some very important societal issues and the pressures which are stuck on the woman in our country and maybe in other countries as well so tell me something about it.

Kaveri: This book first of all is written for mature audiences, so this is a story about Kristina and she is actually married, and then she faces a lot of issues. She meets this new guy and starts feeling for him. This story revolves around three characters but it is written from the point of view of Kristina only and most of the trilogy starts from the beginning like how they got married but here this story is starting at the point where Kristina is having the differences with her husband Smith and she has met this new guy in the office, so it is actually the midway where this story is starting. So I have started the story there because if you see around there are so many divorced couples and society sees divorce as a big thing but they fail to understand why divorce happens like what are the circumstances which lead to a divorce, it’s not like pointing fingers at one another.

Abhigyan: Yes this is there in our society, we like to point fingers and blame each other don’t get to the point of why this happened and where it all began. So, tell me where did you get your inspiration for this book?

Kaveri: Actually this series is based upon a lady who I met and she is not Indian by origin so that’s why her name is Kristina this entire series was meant to be published outside India so what happened is that she told me this entire story in ten sentences, okay? So, for this first book she gave me only two sentences, first is that Kristina having issues with Smith. And then she meets Greg, her boss, so the love blossoms between the boss and herself, that’s it. And maybe Kristina is actually thinking of divorce with Smith so that is the end of the story, for part one. So from that point of view, I have to then do a lot of research, like what happens when a lady who is actually married, you know her state of mind when she thinks that, she has some hope, inspiration from her family background, she has something in her mind when she marries a man and suddenly she finds that there are a lot of differences, there are a lot of challenges coming up in the marriage. How she is going to overcome that and like is it workable or not. There will be certain things like where I have to read through a lot of articles, newspapers and then I have to speak with a lot of people who have gone through these things already. After that, when I went through all these things, I realized that there are a lot underneath, something is missing which no one points out. They are kept hidden. If we portray those from the point of the relationship, from the point of romance also, then something is hidden.

Abhigyan: Yes, that's true, so tell me one thing, in your book I saw that Kristina might have been a Bengali girl, because all the food, all her experiences, and all her choices, made me believe so. So is that inspiration from your side or is it from Kristina, the reality side?

Kaveri: No, actually the story was definitely that lady’s but then I had to, I thought that maybe I’ll point out some other profession, but then I thought that no, I don’t know that different profession, I cannot just put journalism there, I don't know about those but I put IT because I could know what would fit my taste, but to fit her taste and also to hold the reality of the entire plot was a real challenge for me because I am not sure like what that lady who is not Indian will be eating at that time. I feel everything should hold its importance, from the food to the dress code, everything should be significant from the point of readers as well as from the point of view of the writer.

Abhigyan: Yes, you are right there because everything should synchronize with everything else, otherwise the readers will not be able to follow. So tell me, do you see some trait of yours in Kristina or is she completely different?

Kaveri: Kristina and me, we have lot of differences, but she is a part of me I’ll tell because I have created the entire stories so I have put my own experiences and some of my friend’s experiences there. Whatever I heard in stories like you chat with your friends, you gossip day in and day out, and then you hear so many stories, you obviously like you feel it was more rational, so you go and put those.

Abhigyan: So, I believe that you are in the IT profession and that’s why Kristina also is, so how do you get yourself from migrating from there to being an author?

Kaveri: Actually, not many know that I used to be a blogger at a time. I used to write food blogs. I have two food blogs, one is completely shut, it was called Ranna-Banna, something like that, it was on BlogSpot, and then I had a food blog on WordPress which is called YouMeandFood. So I was running out of passion, these two food blogs. I had a very unique way of portraying the food, I would be writing romance stories and then I would be putting up the recipe. So at that time, my food blog used to be very popular, many people used to be asking me on Facebook or messenger about when I shall create a new post? So at the time, I realized that I could write only love stories, I could not write something else, not even food blogs. So I did all these things parallelly with my profession. Like it was for six years I did and then I thought that I will submit a book. And I was very fortunate that my book was actually picked. Not many people, to make the book picked they have to struggle a lot, so I sent my narrative and I got a call. I was very fortunate.

Abhigyan: That’s really nice and I have noticed your passion for food and cooking in your book also where Kristina goes to London and makes all types of stuff for Smith. So, what is your favorite food?

Kaveri: For me, obviously it will be Indian. If you go for regional food, it is Bengali only, I love everything in Bengali cuisine, like ::::: biryani, what we have especially Chicken.

That’s really nice and I would like to ask you if you have really found your genre or would you be willing to travel more to the outside and seek out more different genres to write on.

Kaveri: As of now, I won’t be shifting from romance because honestly I haven’t thought to write something else, because I haven’t tried, honestly, so I can’t tell.

Abhigyan: That is some solid assertion and tell me who is your favorite author?

Kaveri: That is a very big question you have asked me.

Abhigyan: Yeah I understand, so you can tell me the best book you have read in the past year?

Kaveri: Throughout this lockdown time I have been reading the complete series, this is called the Rocker series. There are thirteen books. It’s about all rock, I always wanted to know about rockers like how is the lifestyle of celebrities. So these books portray the rocker and their lives. These are all romance books. I actually write more than I read. Apart from romance, I also read motivational and other genres. This year I was reading this series only, one book is left so I will be completing it shortly.

Abhigyan: That sounds pretty interesting, now coming back to your book. So Gamed, the title, what do you think it signifies?

Kaveri: See, everybody says that love is a game and here, it’s not like someone is being gamed. Every character is being gamed by someone or another.

It was wonderful talking to Kaveri and having the insight for her readers up and about.


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